11 January 2012

Vegan Tofu Salad Spread

The way I procured this recipe was slightly devious. I noticed it scratched out on a piece of paper at my aunt's house over Christmas {shh, I don't think she's reading}. So I jotted it down on a different piece of paper and brought it home.

So it's a little bit stolen. Stolen food is always sweeter, right?

This spread is not sweet at all -- definitely savory. But extremely delicious.
More than your basic smashed tofu and Veganaise. Think olives. Green onions. 
Pickle juice. Chicken seasoning.
So flavorful. Such a treat inside two pieces of whole wheat bread.
And you can consider yourself dairy and egg free. Congratulations.

Vegan Tofu Salad Spread
borrowed stolen from my Aunt Cheryl's counter, and tampered with
2 packages firm tofu {I use OTA tofu in the water packed containers}
1/2 cup vegenaise
3 Tbsp chicken style seasoning {I use McKay's vegan chicken seasoning}
1 can olives, chopped fine
6 green onions, chopped
2 Tbsp pickle juice {or you could try using 1 tsp lemon juice}
1 tsp dill weed
chopped celery or red pepper if desired {I didn't desire}

Mash up the tofu in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Spread on two slabs of homemade bread {or whatever bread happens to be on your counter} and you're set!